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The Advantages of Ultrasonic Testing

It can be very difficult to thoroughly inspect large or sensitive equipment and accurately measure thickness without damaging or destroying it, which is where inspection services such as ultrasonic testing come in to play. It is a Non Destructive Testing (NDT) method which more and more companies are using to ensure product structure integrity is maintained, and accurate measurements are acquired. Even massive equipment and heavy parts can be tested and measured with relative ease by a highly trained ultrasonic testing technician.


How Ultrasonic Testing Works


This NDT method uses complex electronic equipment connected to a transducer that generates high frequency sound waves for the detection of surface and internal flaws in a material. The ultrasound waves are emitted by the pulser and transducer to harmlessly pass through and resonate in the material being tested. It then echos back to a receiver and display to reveal any imperfections such as cracks, holes, or weaknesses to the technician. The equipment is calibrated according to the material being tested for the utmost accuracy. It is also commonly used for ultrasonic thickness measurement to test the thickness of a part, plate or pipe to monitor for corrosion. Even materials with a coating of paint can be accurately measured for thickness because Multiple Echo can ignore the paint and measure through it. The pulses transmit through both coating and metal, reflecting back and reverberating within the material to create several echoes. The timing of the multiple echoes on the gauge allows the technician to accurately differentiate between paint and metal, and take the coating out of the equation. This Automatic Measurement Verification System ensures an accurate thickness measurement every time.

Ultrasonic Testing Advantages

The overall increase of safety and quality guarantee is what makes this NDT method so crucial to organizations today. Some of the major advantages that come with ultrasonic testing inspection services include:


Sensitivity. Even if a flaw is extremely small and difficult to detect, utilizing these inspection services will reveal it without delay. There are very few NDT methods available that can provide detection of small but dangerous flaws. This method is also sensitive enough to differentiate between paint, metal, and corrosion.


Power. Ultrasonic testing is incredibly high power and capable of penetrating deeper into parts and material than other methods available today. Often parts or equipment are very large and solid, but this testing method can get down to the core of just about anything that needs inspection.


Accuracy. This inspection service has been perfected to the highest standards of today, and when an organization chooses testing services that are certified and reputable the results and measurements are incredibly useful, and accurate even through a thick coat of paint.


Convenience. These testing services can be adapted to work for virtually any situation or piece of equipment, which is great for companies working with a large variety of parts and machinery. It's a fairly portable process that can work in many different environments.


Safety. Ultrasonic testing is not harmful to personnel, materials, or equipment that may be around the objects being tested. It's an NDT method that is safe to perform, and guarantees the safety of the equipment being tested as well.



Hire Only Experienced and Reputable Inspection Services

The most important thing to remember is that a highly trained and experienced technician is required to perform these tests in order to utilize them properly. This is a better guarantee of accuracy because training and experience allow the technician to distinguish normal features in a structure from faults, and quality equipment will allow them to get accurate measurements even through coatings and corrosion. They will also be more knowledgeable and comfortable with the equipment and be able to use it effectively no matter what material is being tested, or where. High quality testing services will be guaranteed and recommended by safety and quality assurance organizations, and will be fully certified to handle ultrasonic testing needs. Only experienced professionals like those at Sonometric can effectively guarantee material safety with this Non Destructive Testing process. Organizations which make use of this advanced inspection option guarantee their reputations and ensure only quality products and services are provided to customers.



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