Offshore services such as Eddy Current Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing & Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Magnetic Particle Iinspection on Liners
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Magnetic Particle Inspection of Ship Tail Shaft


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Ultrasonic Testing Applications


  •  Casting, Forgings and Extrusions
  •  Welds and structural steel assemblies

Digital Wall Thickness Applications


  •  Plating on all vessels including ESP vessels and Oil Rigs
  •  Mapping of pitting
  •  Mapping and monitoring of corrosion
  •  Steel condition assessment

Digital Wall Thickness Applications


  •  Casting, Forgings and Extrusions
  •  Rolled plate and bar material
  •  Extrusions
  •  Boiler internal inspections
  •   Springs, gears, studs, bolts, nuts, and washers
  •  Welds and structural steel assemblies
  •  Paper mill components such as roll gears, dryer roll heads, and internal baffles
  •  Induction fan blade weldments at power plants
  •   Valve and pump bodies
  •  High pressure header stud welds
  •  Vessel domes
  •  Both seamless and welded pressure vessels
  •   Blades pressure steam turbines and diaphragms
  •  Valve stem

Liquid Penetrant Testing Applications


  •  Welds and structural assemblies
  •  Plastics and Glass
  •  Machined parts
  •  Leak test
  •  Paper mill suction pressure rolls
  •  Retaining bands on generator rotors
  •  Valve and pump bodies and seats
  •  Non-magnetic impellers for vessels and hydro-electric power plants
  •  Press fit connections

Radiographic, Casting, Forgings and Extrusions Testing Applications


  •  Electronic components
  •  All types of welds and bridge structures
  •  Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers
  •  Valve and pump bodies
  •  Water and petrochemical above ground storage tanks
  •  Hydro power generation facilities