Offshore services such as Eddy Current Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing & Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
Magnetic Particle Iinspection on Liners
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Magnetic Particle Inspection of Ship Tail Shaft

Sonometric Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Inspections

Sonometric Inspection was established in January 2002 in Cape Town, South Africa. We offer quality 3rd party professional non-destructive testing and rope access services to the construction, petrochemical and marine industries.

Quality Non-destructive testing (NDT) surveys are conducted by specialists with internationally recognized experience in many fields. They are certified to SNT-TC-1A standards and operated in line with international standards and Classification Society requirements. Rope access specialist with RAFAA or IRATA qualification are assessed and certified to national or international standards and have over 9 years of experience, with a 100% safety record.

Sonometric Inspection can provide a team of experienced and competent technicians for all offered services at short notice.

All services offered are in accordance with Sonometric Inspection’s implemented Quality Management System which complies with ISO 9001:2008(E) requirements.





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NDT & Inspection Services


  •  Eddy Crrent testing
  •  Ultrasonic Testing
  •  Digital Wall Thickness Measurement
  •  Magnetic Particle Testing
  •  Liquid Penetrant Testing
  •  Radiographic Testing
  •  Hardness testing
  •  Eddy Current tube Testing
  •  Remote Feild Testing
  •  Magnetix Flux Leakage
  •  Internal Rotary Inspection System
  •  Photographic Surveys
  •  Washing and General Cleaning
  •  High Pressure Water Blasting
  •  Grit Blasting
  •  Maintenance & Repairs to Protective Coatings


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